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For Customizer - native Shopify drag&drop page builder. Turn any Theme to premium or extend the existing one.

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Customize with ease

Create unique shopping experiences for your buyers, and bring your brand’s vision to life. You can drag and drop sections, and choose colors, imagery, and fonts with ease. No design skills or coding required.

Native experience

No steep learning curve.

In site preview

See changes in real time.

Fast performance

Optimized for efficiency.

Expert support

We're here to assist.

Compatible with all devices

Perfect on any screen.

One click import

Instant setup, immediate results.

Match theme fonts

Harmonize your typography.

CSS Customizations

Personalize your style.

Getting started is easy

Over 120+ pre-built templates created by experts for many purposes, it will inspire you to

Install app

Install Kava Sections to your store then start working.

Select Layout / Section

Create a page and select the layout / section you like.

Edit & Publish

Start editing your content and publish.

A powerful website design tool made for your store

Gain total storefront control—without complex 3rd party tools

Finally craft a premium shopping experience without leaving the Shopify.

Fully compatible with your theme

By using Kava Sections, you will be able to add extra content for your theme. You can choose to keep the original theme or replace it with Kava Sections design.

Drag and drop to create

Create any kind of layout you want by simply dragging and dropping. Make your page functionality work like your idea by endlessly configuration.

Build an impressive website for mobile view

You can get full control of what will be displayed and how it will be displayed on every device. Configure each device separately with Kava Sections.

Multi-language support

Support works with translation apps.

Save time with ready-made page layouts

Getting started using Kava Sections is simpler than ever through the three easy steps below.

What people says about app

Very nice app, all the sections are easy to install and the are very customizableWhen you have trouble whit a section there will always be someone to help you out.I really recommend this app to anyone who is building a store.


BEST APP in shopify! I should have discover this app sooner so I won't buy the shopify website template from 3rd party (that slows down my website ALOT)! With some of the free sections you'd be able to create a branded website that looks appealing!Alex is also very fast to respond to my query and follow up afterwards! Will definitely purchase from them in the future! Try them, it's free and you'd be taken care if you have any questions :)


Great app for creating custom sections when your theme has limitations.Perfect, Just what I was looking for :)

Radio Velvet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kava Sections?

Kava Sections is a library of hand-crafted, professionally designed sections and landing page editor you can use on any theme page. The app is a smart solution to improve the current theme by easily adding well-designed sections to increase the conversion rates that will stand your store out from competitors. Kava Sections turns a complex design and development cycle from weeks to hours giving you the freedom to design store pages that match your brand identity.

Does it work with all the Shopify themes?

Yes, Kava Sections is compatible with all Shopify themes. It supports both Store 2.0 themes and older versions. Store 2.0 themes allow for template editing using the native Shopify page builder, making modifications straightforward. On the other hand, older themes may require code editing to alter page templates. Regardless of the theme version, Kava Sections provides detailed instructions on how to apply sections effectively.

What problem does Kava Sections focus on solving?

Kava Sections is designed to solve the problem of needing extensive custom coding or professional web design services to create a visually appealing and effective online store. The app provides access to a diverse array of sections and pages, allowing users to design and customize their online store more efficiently. By enhancing your existing theme with Kava Sections, you can achieve a high-quality design without the need to purchase new themes or hire outside help.

Does it work with other Shopify app?

Our app is built on the same foundational approach as native Shopify themes, ensuring that adding, using, and modifying sections is as intuitive as working within Shopify itself.

There's nothing extra you need to do to integrate our app with other Shopify-compatible apps. Anything that can be integrated into Shopify pages can be effortlessly incorporated with our app.

What page type Kava Sections currently supported?

Kava Sections supports a wide range of page types within Shopify. It allows you to add sections to any page that is accessible through the native Shopify page builder. This includes custom pages, product pages, collection pages, as well as specialized pages like 404 error pages, password pages, blog pages, and article pages. Essentially, if a page can be edited in Shopify, Kava Sections can enhance it.

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